WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Proposes to offer and product sales associated with the following are prohibited

  1. We consider all messages and media related to your goods or services, including any descriptions, prices, fees, taxes and/or any required legal disclosures, to constitute transactions when you offer goods or services for sale. Deals must adhere to the policies given below, and terms that are applicable legal guidelines.
  2. You might be entirely in charge of your deals and supplying any product product sales terms, privacy terms or any other terms relevant to your interactions with users.
  3. We’re perhaps perhaps maybe not responsible for processing, spending money on, or satisfying any product product product sales associated with your deals.
  4. You might be entirely accountable for determining, gathering, withholding, reporting, and remitting all relevant fees, duties, charges and extra prices for product product sales associated with your deals.
  5. Examples listed here are representative, not exhaustive.

Unlawful services or products

Medications, whether prescription, leisure, or perhaps


Medications, including cannabis and cannabis services and products

Medication paraphernalia, including pipelines and bongs

Tobacco items and related paraphernalia


Clothing featuring a tobacco brand name logo design

Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco

Tobacco pipelines and paraphernalia

Tobacco machines that are rolling

Electric cigarettes (E-cigarettes) or tobacco products



Publications or DVDs about liquor

Alcohol-related things, including spectacles, coolers, and bottle of wine holders

Kits for producing liquor

Unsafe supplements that are ingestible


Human being development hormones

Weapons, ammo, or explosives


Promoting safety training or licenses for appropriate weapons

Firearms and firearm components



Items for animals (toys, collars, etc.)

Pet use solutions

Prohibited animal parts, including although not restricted to bone tissue, teeth, horn, ivory, taxidermy, organs, outside limbs, secretions, or carcasses

Any part or product, including yet not restricted to leather-based, epidermis, conceal, fur, wool, or locks from any dogs, kitties, and endangered or threatened pets

Adult services or products


Goods advertising household preparation and contraception, which concentrate on the contraceptive popular features of the merchandise, rather than on sexual joy or enhancement that is sexual

Videos or concert events for adult activity

Intimate improvement items

Intimately services that are suggestive

Parts of the body and liquids


Bloodstream contribution facilities

Hair extensions and wigs

Healthcare and medical products

Healthcare Devices – Examples:

Life style and physical fitness add-ons

Bandages and braces for real accidents

Testing kits for health conditions or conditions

Smoking Cessation Items – Examples:

Things or items with overtly sexualized positioning


Suggested acts that are sexual

Zoomed-in sexual pictures

A real income gambling solutions

Online dating services

Goods or items which facilitate or encourage unauthorized usage of electronic news


Add-on gear for streaming products such as for example keyboards and remotes

Purchase of streaming products laden up with pc pc software that facilitates access that is unauthorized content

Jailbroken or loaded products

Jamming or descrambling products

Digital and registration solutions, including links https://besthookupwebsites.org/swoop-review/ to or processing of any registration product product sales, renewals, or improvements


Authentic sound or video clip CDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray

Digital products, including Smartphones, game systems, and TVs

Downloadable content, including PDFs, music, games, movies, etc.

Digital records, including games reports

Digital subscriptions and internet streaming services, including television, Cellphone, etc.

Company models, products, things, or solutions that people determine might be or are fraudulent, deceptive, offensive, or misleading, or can be or are exploitative, improper, or exert pressure that is undue targeted teams


ICOs and binary choices

Pay day loans, paycheck advances, P2P financing, commercial collection agency, and bail bonds

Diet, losing weight, or any other wellness related products which imply or make an effort to produce negative self-perception

Real, virtual, or currency that is fake


Real cash (money or cash equivalent instruments and coins)

Replica or prop cash

Digital or cryptocurrency

Active bank credit or debit cards

Shop bank cards or discount discount coupons

Pre-paid debit or credit cards

Checks or checkbooks

Gear generate fake money or monetary instruments

Third-Party Infringement


Counterfeits, knockoffs, or replicas of branded items, or articles providing goods being expected to confuse customers in regards to the supply, sponsorship or affiliation of these items.

Unauthorized or pirated copies of copyrighted works, such as for instance videos, films, television shows and broadcasts, game titles, CDs or other works that are musical publications, etc.

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